Espace / Dezeen identity watch

The dezeen identity watch is a virtual watch as a dynamic identity for the Dezeen watch store. Created by Zerofee with a combination of html, css, javascript and svg, the watch shows hours, minutes and seconds with colors and circles. For a more complete story about the watch, read the identity designed paper by director of Zerofee Paul Buck and the Dezeen paper about it.

What is interesting, it is the absence of needle and the representation of time by segments of disks and concentric disks varying according to time. It’s clear and functional while being different from a rotary system with needles, although respecting the angular location of hours. The app is available on iPad and iPhone, but doesn’t exist on a classical arm watch. (12-12-16 update: the app is no more available)

So i imagined a real case with zerofee conceptual timepiece. It’s now a projectual watch with solar power and radio controlled regulation. The Zerofee app is shown on a flat screen. Of course it’s possible to show other app on the flat screen if wanted…

The Dezeen identity watch by Marcol

First of all it’s a metal two pieces case with bights to receive the watch strap.

The Dezeen identity watch components by Marcol

Then come several layers.

The Dezeen identity watch layers by Marcol

On the top is a transparent touch glass with solar cells (like the Tissot touch watch and the Qin Hua cell). This glass is connected to the bottom electronic stage where there is a lithium-polymer (li-po) battery and the computer. Under the glass is the color flat screen where the apps can be shown. On the bottom is the electronical stage with a radio receiver to have a remote controlled hour indication from an atomic clock (like the PTB one) and the li-po battery. On the back of the electronical stage is five buttons. One for the reset (sometimes is good to reboot the system…), three for hours, minutes and seconds if you are in the wild without a radio time signal, and a last for radio controlled receiver control.

The Dezeen identity watch schematic functioning by Marcol

Each component (case, strap, glass, screen, electronic box) can be changed if broken or for upgrading. Of course color and material of the case and the strap can be personalized.

All in all it’s an ecological, eternal, multipurpose and needleless watch.